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## What we are doing ##

On Monday 22nd Feburary at 10pm BST, we will be replacing our core routers (all devices including Primary and Standby devices) with larger capacity models.

## Potential impact of works ##

Normally these maintenace works would be carried out without disruption. However because the Primary and Standby devices are being replaced, we anticipate a 30 second outage while service is switched from the old routers to the new routers. This outage will occur between 10pm and 11pm. We anticipate no further outage or downtime, although we have reserved a 1 hour window in case of un-expected issues.

## Why we are carying out these works ##

This is important maintenance required to ensure the continued security and reliability of the platform.

## When are the works being carried out ##

In order to reduce risk, the work is being carried out from 10pm on Monday 22nd Feburary BST and is expected to last one hour. To assist converting this into your timezone, please visit this website →